Green Dealership


Walk around in our green virtual dealership!

Due to our experience in the automotive sector we are firmly committed to our new project the green dealership. The sum of all the actions we propose can help you to save up to 61% in costs and 47% in energy. Thus with the green car dealership not only the car dealers achieve profits, but also the environment, and as a result of this, all of us.

Our Labeling and certification system

Through a sequential system and as a result of all and each of our actions, the final product and objective of our project is a car dealership which is characterized by:
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A car dealer who is characterized by awareness knows about the intrinsic value of the ecology and the saving potentials coming with it. The car dealer looks for activities beyond the short term. The type of certificate awarded to the car dealer depends on the intensity of its activities.
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This certificate identifies car dealers which are completely conscious about the situation of its facilities and its consumption. The in-depth knowledge allows the car dealers to fix, optimize and transform its facilities and to look for alternatives in the electric market which are more tailored to its real needs.
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Being awarded with this certificate means that a car dealer is looking for alternative energy of ecological origin for its facilities. In addition this energy is more economic, converting the sustainability in savings and immediate profits for the car dealer.
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Electric power

This certificate characterizes a car dealership who commits itself to increase its sales and fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles and also its after sales services for them. The car dealer is at the forefront on electric power concerning its manufacturer and competitors.